Process Post: Save the Bay

I was asked by art director Ellen Dessloch to create an original thank you card illustration for Save The Bay, a Rhode Island-based environmental organization that protects the Narragansett Bay region. This was a fun project to work on so I thought I would share my process for the assignment.

First I submitted three sketches, the first two going off of specific direction that the organization requested. The third I decided to add in - the coastline is from a sketch I did in Bristol a few weeks prior. Bristol is a historic Rhode Island town that overlooks the bay - and also home to the oldest 4th of July parade in the country!  To my surprise they went with the third option for the final. Ellen suggested that I change the direction of the copy - shorten the “Thank You” to “Thanks” and have the type flow from a different perspective. We also decided to add a sailboat and a fish to help balance out the bird and make the scene a bit more lively.  I created two different color ways for the final - a fall palette and a bright palette. They ultimately chose the bright option with some color changes and I finished the image with some textures in Photoshop. 

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